Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Philosophy on iTunes

Well, philosophy is coming into the digital age. Sure, I was clamouring for this years ago, but I'm not about to complain now that quality content is now being delivered properly.

What am I yammering about? e-Philosophy -- lectures and other rich content available on the internet for free exchange. My (defunct) website, MelbournePhilosophy, had some apologetic nods towards a digital database, but it never lived up to my ideals.

Firstly, here is a story about the philosophy lecture series "Introduction to Logic" being available via iTunes.

Secondly, here is the Stanford University iTunes server, with free academic content. Many of the offerings here seem to be "opinion pieces", but that is no smear. In fact, it's wonderful (to me) seeing such freedom of information.

Hopefully, as more and more philosophy gets recorded digitally, it will be similarly shared.



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