Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Melbourne Thinkers Week

MelbournePhilosopher is proud to support Melbourne Thinkers Week (MTW). My contribution has been doing the technical work on the website, including adapting the design, and assisting with some of the content. To tell you what MTW consists of, I quote from the homepage:

"Melbourne Thinkers Week is a Heart of Philosophy initiative celebrating ideas, creativity, discussion and debate about the big ideas and questions for modern life. Join us for debates and discussions with leading national and local thinkers at public lectures, philosophy cafes, corporate ethics events, book launches and a philosophy panel.

The 2006 lecture program includes speakers such as Dr Gilbert Burgh on A Philosophy of Democracy new trends in participatory democracy; Dr. Muhammad Kamal will explore The Meaning of Terrorist; a philosophical inquiry; Ethicist Dr Steve Curry will explore ideas Good and Evil @ the movies and Dr Matthew Sharpe will talk about The meaning of tragedy in today’s culture.

Our Philosophy Cafes with feature Dr Jessica Wolfendale on the Hardened Heart: The Moral Dangers of Not Forgiving; Dr Rob Sparrow takes on a magical journey with Robots and Aged Care and John Lenarcic on University in the Pub: Intelligent Design.

The festival will close with a thoughtful panel discussion on A philosophy for living: explorations of the good life with author John Armstrong, Socratic expert Stan Van Hooft and Graham Priest (Boyce Gibson Chair of Philosophy, Melbourne University)"

This is public philosophy at its best. Please, spread the word and help support this event. There is an opportunity here to build momentum for philosophy not only in Melbourne, but throughout Australia. This is a truly unique event, and I would encourage everyone to get along to some of the free events. Supporting the event by attending one of the paid events will help to cover costs, and thus support continuing efforts to bring philosophy from the academy to the demos.



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