Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ubiquitous computing coming to an Xbox near you

In my other life, I'm a Big Geek. I was reading slashdot , and I came across this story about Microsoft selling the Xbox behind profit.

The journo covering the story decided that the motivation could only be making a profit on games.

Myself, I think the motivation is more clever and more long-term than this. The Xbox is, oh so nearly, a fantastic media center for the home. With appropriate gadgetry, this device could replace the home PC for those interested primarily in email, web surfing, music and DVDs. We're almost at the point that I wanted to be at 10 years ago.

Forget the games. The Xbox gets Microsoft into the home via the children, but wins over the household when they discover they can replace their DVD player, they can buy all their hokey favourites using iTunes and pipe them straight through that lovely 5.1 system which is being frankly wasted by having to shuffle through the music collection one meagre CD at a time.

Microsoft are starting the media revolution, and they've got several years head-start on Linux or other commercial vendors when it comes to offering a unit which parents and children alike will eventually learn to love. Watch it folks, the PC has left the study...



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