Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Politics, Passion and Pain

I can't help it. I'm the most pessimistic optimist I know.

Now, don't get me wrong, I fully understand that a pessimist is just what an optimist calls a realist, but *even so*, I can't help getting worked up now and then about a few things.

What spawns this particular cycle of getting my hopes up and then having them come back to earth is the recent advertising spurt from the content-free "All Australia Party". Big on words but small on information, these people have been peppering the media with messages about providing an alternative to the major parties in the upcoming Victorian state election.

The guy behind the wheel is called David Sell, who appears to be a marketing guy who has done some work in local politics before. I've signed up to the mailing list. It should be interesting to see whether the response makes it past my spam filter.

Now, I'd dearly love to get involved in politics. I'm a hopeless opinion-giver. The best I can do is try to improve the quality of my opinions, because God knows I can't make myself stop. So when someone started talking to me through the airwaves asking me if I'd like to see some credible opposition to the bunch of lazy liars who constitute our political leaders, I instantly felt a little happier.

Sadly, by 1am I had given up on them. Their web forum had no comments from the "party spokesperson". The party isn't registered with the Australian Electoral Commission. The internet shows nothing of interest, they have no policies. All signs are pointing to a one-man band, or perhaps worse, some kind of bizarre political front.

There is a little grist for the rumour-mill however. In a document dated 19th December 1999, "All Australia Party" was listed as the possible name for a new party formed from the ashes of "One Nation". Possibly, the name has simply appeared twice. Or maybe something more sinister is going on.

David's e-Business appears to be available also, although not much seems to be for sale .

The new "British" colour scheme for Australia listed on their website has me somewhat confused also. Although in the current climate, a "royals into government" party might just get my vote. If I'm going to be screwed by the man, I might as well get royally screwed.



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