Thursday, August 18, 2005

Strange Bedfellows

I have already made one post thanking those people who are in my community and whose paths I have run across during the course of this blog. Today I thought I would look at people with links to this site, but come from unexpected quarters. I ran a search for links back here, and looked through the first five pages of results. In search return order, they are :

Coreline, Analysis in Industry . From his page: CoreLine is the web journal of Richard de Rozario. My professional interest is in all manner of analysis in industry, along Lewinian lines of "there is nothing so practical as a good theory". Richard is an Auditor, and is also pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy. From his page: I, Ben Hourigan, B.A. (Hons) (Melb.) am a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Outside of writing my doctoral thesis on the political content of role-playing videogames, I spend time writing my first novel, and have lectured and tutored in Cultural Studies. I also do editing work on contract.. Ben stopped by here a while back, and was kind enough to link back!

  • Date-Time Stamp: 10 July 1969 at 5:00am, or 35 trips around the sun before now
  • Birthing Location: Brisbane, Queensland
  • Species: homo sapiens (male)
  • Home Sweet Home: Melbourne, Victoria

    Ninglun's Site Lives Again From Ninglun's site: I am a semi-retired English teacher, live in an inner Sydney suburb, and that's as much as you need to know... Except that "Ninglun" pseudonym may puzzle you. I am not Chinese, but my ex-partner and current friend is. So I found myself a Mandarin equivalent for Neil, which happens also to mean "peaceful discussion." The other pseudonym, "Floating Life", sums me up really, but also alludes to a beautiful Chinese autobiography, "Six Chapters from a Floating Life" by Shen Fu.

    Cosmocentric. From the site : Is it possible to be always on the run? To escape from the old place and settle in a new one? Only questions for now. Who am I? An androgynous, a-sexual, a-genderous creature? Always hiding from view and when they find me, discover me — I just take to flight. I just run — till […]

    Milinda's Questions From her site : Welcome to Milinda’s Questions.

    This blog takes its name from the Milindapanha, or “The Questions of King Milinda.” For those who aren’t familiar with the work, here’s a description from a recent translator:

    So thanks for the links guys. Here's to you.



    Anonymous Ben Hourigan said...

    As for the link, you're welcome. If you haven't heard of it already, you might like to sign up for an account at It will let you register your blog, and generate an RSS feed informing you when sites link to your own. That's how I heard about this very post!

    8/19/2005 05:33:00 PM  

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