Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Being Interesting


One of the most boring books I have ever read was entitled "How to be more Interesting". It was authored by one Edward de Bono, but I didn't find much to chew on between its covers.

Yet it is not fair to single him out for being a windbag. Worst of all, I think I'm probably guilty of it myself. It's easy to recognise something interesting when we see it -- one might almost say that there is a whole emotion called "interestedness" which comes into play. So why, given this, is it so hard to *be* interesting?

When I find someone else interesting, it is usually the result of an unlikely coming together of an animated presentation, a topic which I find interesting, my being in just the right state of mind (i.e. not hungry, asleep or distracted), and of course physical proximity. Given how rarely all those come together, perhaps it should be no surprise that interest can be so difficult to find.

One might hope that a degree of discrimination would assist however in at least improving ones chanced. By reading important authors, who write on challenging topics, surely we should have some hope that we might be about to whet our appetites for enjoyment?

Moreover, by avoiding some of the most common pitfalls of repetitiveness, poor command of language and repetitiveness, surely we could ourselves manage be be more interesting people, on the whole?

Sadly, I think not.



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