Friday, June 03, 2005

Vinyard in Autumn

Vinyard in Autumn Posted by Hello

Here's another photo I took recently. I've been posting these with "Hello" - a neat piece of software I got from the blogger homepage which deals with all the auto-sizing and thumbnail stuff so that I don't have to.

This morning on #774, there was a lively debate about whose rights are trumps in the sperm donor game. Currently, the laws are being altered to more closely to reflet our laws on adoption, which changes the role and the rights of both donors and children to make contact with one another.

There was a lively debate in which each interested group (parents, donors and children) were each putting their case. Each one stood to lose out potentially under the new laws. Which isn't to say it's all roses now, but there is the additional principle of not moving the goalpoasts to consider.

For example, children who are unaware of their genetic origins might get contacted under the new rules to see if they would be interested in meeting their donor fathers. This might, obviously, be quite a shock to the system.

On the other hand, children who do know their origins are often intensely curious as to their origins, and it is felt they have the right to know more about their genetic father.

Parents who have not told their children also have a major stake in this, as this might have done for reasons which will now be undermined.

Given this web of complexity, MP wonders whether truth might not point the way. Are people so emotionally flimsy that they must be protected from damaging truths, or is it not simply better to know according to other principles? Yes, a family might be hurt, but is emotional pain the sole factor in this decision? By what other principles than this might we help resolve the issue?



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