Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Genetic Testing of Athletes


Gattaca, here we come. I for one welcome our new genetically enhanced overlords...

"Two of the AFL's most powerful clubs are considering DNA testing young recruits to test their likely height, strength, speed and stamina." ... from today's Age .

This, of course, is an issue much discussed, and seldom resolved. Actually, it's usually resolved by people agreeing how bad it would be, but I think that's just ducking the question. There are many benefits that genetic selection and artificial improvement could bring.

Sure, it's just a step away from eugenics, one of the philosophical ideas used to justify the Nazi movement, but here proponents could claim they had a scheme where nobody loses - or at least nobody loses their head.

Here's the real question. Is Australian AFL the first? Does anyone from overseas have links to evidence that this kind of thing might really be put into practise? Where else can we identify genuine examples of genetic selection such as being described here?



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