Saturday, May 28, 2005

Share Trading


On a philosophy blog? What can he be talking about?

Well, I've decided to do a little share trading, and I thought my reasoning might be interesting. Share trading is a way to make money, not fast, but in reasonable amount if you are willing to wait. Sacrifice a little every day for 10 years and, God willing, one gets a more than proportional return at the end of it. One buys a luxurious life by foregoing pleasure now.

Well, not necessarily pleasure. One has to forego money now, and usually I use money to buy things that give me pleasure. Like fine food, upgrades to my house and furniture, time spent at the pub etc. But what am I missing out on. My life is comfortable now, with my current wage, but how much more might I be able to achieve?

It's easy to see that value of sacrifice when it takes you from poverty to comfort. Just about everyone is willing to work hard to improve themselves if they live in poverty. It strikes me as a different thing entirely to be willing to work hard to achieve wealth. Achieving wealth is, if you like, a carrot-only goal.

Is that right? What could possibly form the basis for a stick here? It could be fear of the future, a desire to defend yourself against the chance negatives that strike some people down from time to time. Or perhaps it's linked to your own self-worth? Who knows?

For me, I am realising that the sacrifice to be made need not be very great. It always seemed like I needed to be earning 10% more before I could afford to start saving. But "if you can't take a dime out of a dollar, you'll never take $100,000 out of a million". Sure that's a U.S. phrase, but dimes are cooler than 5c pieces.

So here goes. I'm about to go post off my application for a share trading account. Who knows, maybe it'll work out? As for philosophy - I think this one is up to you. There is no answer to whether the goal is worth it - perhaps because ultimately money can't buy happiness. But it can buy me a new car.



Blogger Bill Cooper said...

After 22 years in public service I have entered my wifes family business (cake manufacturers). It is a growing business and with a little luck I may end up wealthy. However not long after I started my father in law said something that defined the gulf between people who make money and me. We have a plan to sell out in 5 to 8 years, he was discussing this with a business aquaintance and said "I couldn't possibly sell now I am having too much fun". Well I don't hate it but I could never call it enjoyable, much less fun, it's very stressful. He however loves "Doing Business". That is why the very rich get richer because they like to do it. The money itself doesn't really matter it's the getting that matters.

If I am a nuisance or perhaps discouraging other bloggers please tell me I am accustomed to being told to "Bugger off" it won't hurt my feelings. It's just that I am attracted to the world of ideas even though I am not really prepared for it.

5/29/2005 08:20:00 PM  

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