Sunday, May 22, 2005

Long Break


Well, I must apologise for the long break between posts! I have been busy at work, and that has had a knock-on effect for how I'm spending my spare time. Let's return to philosophy with a human story.

X has recently broken up with his girlfriend, Y. It seems to have been an amicable break-up. Why is it that relationships seem sometimes to have simply run their course? The easiest answer is that we're not wired up to want a single lifelong partner - certainly there is plenty of evidence that most people don't have just one serious relationship in their lives.

But why not? Isn't that what we all want - the perfect partner? When someone is dis-satisfied, or perhaps just restless in a relationship, what should they do? Or, to put it another way, should love be so much hard work? Is it our duty as fickle humans to try and overcome our changing moods, in the hope of finding a kind of romantic enlightenment, allowing us to achieve a new level of happiness with our loved ones? Or should we just bail out, on the basis that it's unfair to involve someone else in such a doubtful partnership?

Is it our responsibility to present a wholly honest depiction of what we feel to our partners, or is it better to paint over the cracks?

Myself, I think that no matter who you are with, you're bound to feel flirtatious now and then. It's important though, if you're going to take yourself seriously, that if you decide to get into a long-term relationship, you have the ability to stay the course, if that's what you want. Self-discipline is important, but self-deception is taking things too far.

For me, the answer is about keeping the best interests of your partner will in the picture. If you're just having a restless moment, you shouldn't throw it in your partner's face like some kind of emotional ammunition. Painting over the cracks is fine, so long as the structure underneath is strong.

Ah, it's all too hard. I'm going to go get a video, eat some lunch, and rest up. I'm out of blogging practise!



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