Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Case For a Creator - Ch 1


I have been reading a book by Lee Strobel, called "the case for a creator". If nothing else, it hammers home that you shouldn't believe everything you read. This is the trap Lee fell into when he first believed Darwinism / Evolution to be fact. As I read it, I was prepared to read someone reject evolution on some grounds.

His introduction described the glee with which he adopted an atheistic stance, and how little thought he really put into it. Knowing he would change his mind, I thought to myself "here is someone looking for an excuse not to think." Lee's acceptance of evolution was exactly the same kind of grasping faith with which many find religion. It was, he thought "an answer."

The first chapter then goes through specific examples of things he used to satisfy himself of Darwin's claims. All of these examples proved to be incomplete, inconclusive or mis-information. Was I suprised? No, not really. I'm already highly cynical, and have not based my atheism or evolutionary stance on any of the same grounds as Strobel. Nor did I draw the same conclusions he was presenting as following on from an acceptance of Darwinism as they related to things like meaning, morality and so forth.

For Stroebel, Darwinism seems to be no less of an absolutist's position than a belief in God.

Nonetheless, the impact that these specific examples have had on the zeitgeist of humanity cannot be doubted. This book will clearly come as a vindication to those seeking to justify their religion, as a rude shock to those who have unchallenged assumptions about the solidity of evolution's bedrock, and a shocking indictment, or perhaps insightful look, at the nature of education and people's fast readiness to accept what they are told on faith.



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