Sunday, May 01, 2005

Another Great Cafe


MP is proud to present *another* regular philosophy cafe that has been running for some time. It is a regular event, called "Thangs Cafe", which is also the venue name.

It runs on the first Thursday of every month except January, commencing at 7:30pm sharp. Sharp, I said!

The organiser of this event is one Gordon Harvey, who is a school teacher, and has been active in promoting the teaching of philosophy in schools. He is a member of the Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools, which was recently gotten Philosophy accepted as a VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education - our state's High School completion certificate) subject. "Get em while they're young" is a time-honoured marketing tool, and MP applauds this attempt to make young people more cynical - er discerning, more thoughtful and better equipped to face the responsibilities of life, as well as preparing them for enjoying a discussion about the meaning of life down at the pub when they reach drinking age.

Gordon's teaching background doesn't come through too much however - when I met him I didn't feel the need to hand in my homework even once. But should he have set any, one gets the impression it would have been an interesting challenge.

The cafe can be found at 502 Lygson St, Brunswick East.


(Reminder - Art Exhibition opening on Tuesday night and radio broadcast from Sub FM on Friday.


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