Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Phenomenology 101


Well, I know know a very little bit more about phenomenology. I feel like I understand something, but I have this nagging feeling it's not the same as what was meant. Husserl is the current philosopher of interest, and I have established a few things.

Trascendant : That bit of reality which exists outside of our consciousness
Immanence : That bit of reality which exists inside our consciousness

There's a little bit of immanence which is kind of like transcendance, which is our ideas as we apprehend them. That is, if we are being reflective, we are both experiencing the phenomenon of the idea, and also intending it. The phenomenal experience is reell immanence, and the intensional object that is the idea is reale.

Then, there's also a little bit of transcendence which we can know things about. By using our brains in a way roughly analagous to following scientific method, we establish ideas about objective reality, on the basis of repeat experience.

So the world breaks down into phenomenal experience, a cognitive realm, a realm of objective reality, and a realm of transcendant and un-knowable reality.

This seems like a pretty good framework to me. There is a *lot* of terminology unfortunately. Husserl felt the need to give these things crazy names, and he was German to start with. Or French. Or something.

He also has this idea called reduction. The idea is you perform an "epoche", which basically means suspending judgement, then trying to imagine how things could be different ( the reduction ). It's not dissimilar to Descarte's "method of doubt", or the validation of a hypothesis in science, except that it tests things not only against reality, but also against the framework established by Husserl.

There is also a lot more which I haven't followed, as I'm not going to lectures, and they're not available on the web. So I'm trying to read my way through the course enough to not sound totally dumb in tutorials.



Blogger mh said...

Yes, that about proves it: as far as Husserl is concerned, I'm at your mercy, MP. Keep it coming though, I'm interested to see where this goes.

4/06/2005 04:12:00 PM  

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