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I will return to phenomenology tomorrow, but for now just a quick idea about faith.

Most humans (although not quite everyone) needs to put their moral centre somewhere - in philosophy, or in the way they were raised, or in themselves, or in a particular system. Religious faith is the decision to put that moral centre in the teachings of a particular religion. Just to answer a an objection before it comes - I'm not talking about strict adherence to dogma, but in a more general sense.

I think faith has to have a moral dimension, and I think having faith in something, in that religious sense, means what I have suggested. I would like to hear the comments of others, though.



Anonymous Jas. said...

I am sure there is moral dimension for faith for each and every person who puts faith in something whether religious or not, though the boundaries are different depending on the level of importance the individual places in his or her faith. My question is, though, when one practices their faith (e.g. praying) are they reaching their God or simply tapping in to their higher consciousness?

7/26/2005 11:58:00 PM  
Blogger Col Daly said...

Everyone must have a moral centre, anyone who didn't would be classed as a psychopath, Everyone must have faith in something, if you truly didn't, you commit suicide as you could find no point in living.
The only exception is when you consider yourself a nihilist and don't know why you go on living, mostly because evolutionary instincts make you feel like killing yourself is absolutely wrong and no matter what reasoning you can convince yourself with that there is no meaning to life, you can't override your subconcious. That is the way i think and i wouldn't for a minute consider myself suicidal, the funny thing is that i don't know why i'm not.
I can explain it somewhat along these lines, I fall in love, I have reasoned that this is also an evolutionary instinct but it still feels as sweet.
But to the underlying question, it appears to me that you can actually live your life without having faith in anything.
As Jean-Paul Sartre pointed out, if you can do this, it makes you fearless in a certain way.

8/23/2005 04:19:00 PM  

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