Saturday, April 23, 2005

City Congestion


I hate being lied to by politicians and the media. I wish I didn't hate it so much, because it sure goes on a lot, and my life would be a lot more relaxed if I didn't let it get to me so much.

They are putting a parking levy on city areas, with the money disappearing into the government budget. This will make it more expensive to drive, the idea being to reduce the number of people driving into the city.

Problem One : Most of those people have to park where they are parking to get to work, where they have to go.
Problem Two : Public transport sucks
Problem Three : This is a stick-only solution

Grand Unifying Solution That Is Very Sensible But Nobody Will Implement :

Put the damned levy in. Then spend 100% of the income from that levy on public transport. Make the trains run on time, improve the rails so they don't have to slow down for substandard track areas, run enough services to meet they new demand. In short, don't just make life worse for everyone. Make public transport a better way to travel, *by making it better* rather than just by making the alternative worse.

... Idiots...



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