Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Socratic Events


In the spirit of bringing together more of Melbourne's philosophy groups under one roof, this blog post has as its topic "Socratic Dinners".

A Socratic Dinner follows the spirit of Plato’s Symposium which famously describes the celebrated Athenian philosopher, Socrates, leading his dinner companions through a sophisticated teasing out of ideas to reveal those values which influence the important decisions we make in our lives. THEME FOR 2005: THE VIRTUES

The next event is on April 18th, with the evening's topic of discussion being "What is courage?" These dinners are limited in to a maximum of 12 participants, in order to keep the flavour intimate and allow everyone a good level of involvement. They are expertly run, and provide a good dinner to boot. The cost is $65 for a two course meal (vegetarian available).

Associate Professor Stan van Hooft teaches Philosophy at Deakin University and has written a number of books and many academic articles. He was trained in Socratic facilitation in The Netherlands and has conducted Modern Socratic Dialogues for several years throughout Australia, in the UK, in Italy, and in Japan.

Peter Rzechorzek has taught philosophy and education at Deakin University and RMIT University and has extensive experience in Modern Socratic Dialogue facilitation in schools, and in corporate communications.

For information on this dinner series, please contact Dr. Van Hooft via email: stanvh @ deakin.edu.au.

As well as the Socratic Dinners, many similar events are also in the pipeline, and these will be covered by further blog postings, and entries in the Philosophical Calendar at the Melbourne Philosophy website.



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