Monday, March 21, 2005

Right to Death


Terri Schiavo has been kept alive in a vegetative state against the will of her legal guardian, her former husband, for 7 years. The U.S. Congress has just passed a new law, overturning a series of judicial proceedings going to the highest courts in Florida, to keep this poor woman alive.

It makes me sick. If someone I cared about was in this situation, I would literally take a knife to them rather than force them to live a tortured, shameful existence. Life in this circumstance is not worth living - it is not even life. Nothing less than an idiotic appeal to non-sensicle religious dogma could do something like this. This is nothing less that an attack on the separation between church and state, a return to the imposition of morality on others and a denial of basic human liberty to act in accordance with their beliefs. Passing a law to support an essentially religious moral position is a sickening abuse of power, and I don't know how anyone can live with it.

I am more than willing to support the rights of those who believe the opposite to, when their turn comes around, sustain the life of any loved ones they may have. It would be exactly the same crime for me to impose my values upon them. I am not compaigning against religion, but campaigning for the right of people to choose their own moral code. The law does not legislate against beliefs, only against actions. This is one example of a law clearly enacted purely to advance an arbitrary moral position, and it should be stopped. I only hope the courts can save her.



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