Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Philosopher's Carnival XI


The 11th philosophy carnival is now up at the blog "Clayton LittleJohn". So much is happening in philosophy at the moment for this not to be the biggest news of the day, but the burgeoning interest in philosophy here in Melbourne puts several other landmarks down.

* Heart of Philosophy Cafe this evening (bookings essential)
* Philosophical Events Calendar being trialled on, more information soon
* New submissions to the WIKI from the University of Austin, Texas
* Melbourne Philosophy to provide online community services to the Heart of Philosophy membership
* Additional community and discussion-oriented pages added to the WIKI

All this in addition to a philosophically charged media week, inciting a large amount of reporting on this blog, and in the media, discussing the ethical issues of everything from adoption to right-to-die to town planning...

We live, it seems, in interesting times.



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