Monday, March 07, 2005

Heart of Philosophy Event -- "On Beauty"


Last time, Professor Graham Priest surprised us with his talk about riding Harleys and Zen Buddhism – and we all had questions about the Zen Ultimate reality and how that related to Kant, Creativity and what it’s like to live life as a philosopher. While the formal discussion finished at 8.45pm, people were still engaged in their own discussions and debate until after 10.00pm!!!

This week we are pleased to announce our Philosophy Reading Groups and more details of our upcoming program!

Wednesday 9 March
Speaker: Dr John Armstrong
Topic: “On Beauty”.

John believes our capacity to discover and create beauty is intimately connected to the pursuit of happiness.

"In experiencing these objects, one can get a permanent connection to a state of mind that is otherwise fleeting and elusive. Beauty is a reminder - it's not a drug. It can't make you happy but it allows a stronger grasp of things that are easily lost."

Venue: Murmur Bar, Warburton lane, (Off Little Bourke Street, Between Elizabeth and Queen Streets)
Time: 7pm
free admission

See the Heart of Philosophy website for more information.



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