Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Green Power


MP recently notived the site greenpower.gov.au advertised on television. After reviewing the site, it seems like a Good Thing (tm). There's some kind of accrediation process, and it's government approved. That's enough for this philosopher - life's too short to worry about the exact ins and outs of every scheme, and this one has a shiny enough exterior to be convincing.

Glancing at the costs, it seems that moving to 100% Green Power is not a significant extra cost. As such, this looks like a prime opportunity to put your money where your mouth is in terms of the environment and future directions for energy supply. It's possible that it's a little more money, and so might not be appropriate for those on very stiff budgets. However if, like myself and many others, you believe that alternative energy sources are important to ongoing sustainability and quality of life, then this is a prime opportunity to vote with your wallet on an important issue.


p.s. Happy Easter! I hope everyone relevant enjoyed their break...


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