Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Get those old foreign people outta here!


I would like to call attention to this complete disgrace of humanity by the Australian Immigration Department.

Read this. Really. No matter how jaded and cynical you are, this will make you more jaded and cyncial

There's this old woman, right, who is called Cui Yu Hu. She is 104 and has lived in this country for 10 years.

But because she's an evil foreigner, the government is going to get rid of her. What is the government THINKING? How did this even get past review stage? There are two answers to this question, and the answer depends on how cynical you are.

1: The VISA application system was set up for certain kinds of case, and this isn't one of those. It violates all the rules, and so the pencil-pushers can do nothing but reject the application and elevate the issue to a higher authority. It will all be okay when our Minister grants her a stay.

2: The government actually hates old foreigners, because they're not real people anyway. We will put her on a plane and hope she doesn't die between the lunch meal and the in-flight movie.

Now, I'm pretty cynical. It's not like our Minister has said she is intending to grant a stay. And she's well-known as basically being a heartless bitch. I don't think she has actually used her executive powers to prevent any deportments so far, and there's no indication she is planning on doing it now.

There's not much I can do about it, but I *can* blog about it. Maybe one day I will go and live somewhere like Sweden, where it's boring but at least they stick by their boring principles and don't let bizarre neo-n.... er conservative practises dominate people's freedom.


(p.s. I have no replies from my councillors as yet, so I will delay day two of local government until tomorrow).


Blogger frstlymil said...

This offends the hell out of me. I lost my own grandmother this past Christmas, who was 104. Her mind was sharp all the way until the end when her heart finally decided it was time to go - and you could ask her about American History back to 1900 and before due to her actually having been there, or through tales about her parents lives. Everyone who came in contact with her wanted to sit down with her and talk for awhile. This was not absolutely everyone, however - the last movie we went to was The Incredibles - and saying "excuse me" to people to please let her pass in her walker to get into the theatre was met with absolute hostility from the young Brittany wannabes that were having their mall experience interrupted by a request to not fill the entire pathway - there are an increasing amount of individuals who are extraordinarily rude to the elderly and treat them as a bother to be thrown away, rather than respected and revered - though it is the elderly who are generally better educated, since education was more thorough and classically oriented then (my grandfather liked to recite Chaucer from memory, which was not unusual), they have life experience that might offer a little guidance and they are responsible for the presence of following generations. The governmental officials responsible for the decision in your country need to be taken out and spanked in public.

3/09/2005 02:41:00 AM  
Blogger MelbournePhilosopher said...

She has been allowed to stay , which is good news, but I still don't know why it got so far, or why the minister in question didn't simply announce her intention to grant the visa application.

Thanks for telling us your story...


3/09/2005 10:37:00 AM  

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