Monday, March 07, 2005

Day Two - Week of Local Government


Today I sent my email to each of my local councillors. As responses come in, I will post them here, along with any of my own thoughts that I think are relevant.

I have included here the email that was sent - the questions were about what I consider to be most directly relevant to understanding the role of philosophy in government. It seems to me that government is a natural place for philosophical thought, because the goal of government is always towards something positive - perhaps creating better infrastructure, keeping residents happy and contented, improving education or the quality of life. These questions are exactly the ones bother philosophers - how should we live, how should we improve ourselves, how can analysing our own thinking improve our quality of life? A question for the reader - how would like like your representatives to answer the questions below?

Dear councillors,

I run a blog with a small readership, about 80-100 visits per week,
having philosophy as its central theme. I would be interested in
getting your response to 6 questions, briefly or in depth. As my local
councillors, you represent my closest contact with government, and I
think people would like to know more about the general attitudes of
their representatives...

Q1: What is your academic background?

Q2: What is your favourite idea?

Q3: What has been the best example of your work in government?

Q4: You work in government, which means you are responsible for
decisions which affect a lot of people. Do you analyse the ethics of
what you do, or do you rely more on intuitions about right and wrong?

Q5: If you could change one thing about public opinion, what would it be?

Q6: Philosophy is partly about removing mistakes from a line of
thought, or argument. What tools might you use when considering an
issue to help make sure you make a good decision?

Thanks for your responses! Please do include extra comments, and amend
or re-phrase the questions if you feel like it. Anything you like!

Yours Sincerely,
-Tennessee -- daily blog -- philosophy resources


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