Friday, March 04, 2005

Day One - Week of Local Government


This week, I will be investigating philosophy in local government. I live in Hampton, and so I took the logical first step, and used Google, searching for Bayside Local Government". (Hampton is in the City of Bayside, which is the lowest level of government to have publically elected representatives. I think.)

My councillors are :

Chris Carroll, who lives in Sandringham. "Chris has a keen interest in financial accountability, administrative process, environmental issues, planning and the sustainability of our local strip shopping centres."

Craig Tucker, who lives in Highett. "Craig is passionate about the environment and maintaining the local amenity of the City and Craig has a strong interest in the financial and strategic planning aspects for the City."

Andrew McLorinan, who lives in Hampton. "Andrew has a keen interest in delivering low rates, while defending local neighbourhood character and amenity."

Gary Andrews, who lives in Hampton. "Gary has actively encouraged the development of Family and Children Services within the City and takes a keen interest in planning developments and business developments in the City."

Derek Wilson, who lives in "Bayside". "He is committed to providing quality services for families, the elderly and our youth, and has worked hard for the preservation of Bayside's neighbourhood character, environment and heritage, and was the founding convenor of the Bayside Alliance before being elected to Council."

Alex del Porto, who lives in East Brighton. "Alex is extremely passionate about developments in Bayside and concerned about maintaining Bayside’s heritage and character for future generations to enjoy."

Ken Beadle, who lives in Beaumaris. "Ken has a strong passion for the environment, coastline, natural heathlands and the protection of significant trees."

Mike Dwyer, who lives in "Bayside". "Cr Dwyer has a keen interest in ensuring Council continues to communicate clearly with the citizens of Bayside and undertake appropriate consultation with residents and communicty groups on various issues."

Tim Ryan, who lives in Brighton. "Tim has a strong passion of ensuring that the community of Bayside has an aesthetic building landscape along with recreational areas and safe local streets to enjoy."

Things I Learnt

  • There are 9 local councillors
  • They all have a web page introducing them
  • The local council website is surprisingly large
  • They all have a listed email address
  • I have never heard of any of them, or of anything they have done

    What's Next?

    I will prepare a short questionnaire, and invite them to respond to some philosophical questions, find out whether they feel like they are achieving important things or not, how they see their role in society given the general disinterest in the activity of local government etc etc, and post any responses here. In the meantime, I have created this page for editing the questionnaire, and will also store any ancillary information here that may come to light.



    Anonymous Wilson said...

    Aren't you required to vote for local council? I thought you'd know them at least from the ballots...

    3/04/2005 01:31:00 PM  
    Blogger MelbournePhilosopher said...

    I think it's optional. I have to vote for federal and state representatives in parliament, but I don't think I have to vote for councillors. In fact, I'm not even sure how concillors become councillors. It's possible I just never took any notice before. Local councillors, I believe, spend rates money. They spend it on local schemes like community halls, business fairs, maintaining parkland, the plumbing infrastructure and the electricity grid for their area. Local interest groups like migrants, or the youth, often get stuff funded for them, like perhaps some organised activities etc. Planning approval also goes through local council, so they have a lot to do with building permissions. That's about all I know.

    3/04/2005 01:39:00 PM  

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