Monday, February 14, 2005

Unusual Words


I was asked by a friend if I could think of any words containing "sh" which were still words when the "sh" was removed. Well, I wrote a piece of software to generate a list based on the dictionary. I thought I might present a few of my favourites:

brandished, brandied
harshnesses, harnesses
pshawed, pawed
reshaping, reaping
whishting, whiting
pishing, piing
threshes, threes
whishting, whiting

I haven't yet looked any of those words, but I might leave it as a challenge to the reader to see how many of the stranger words we can identify. Of course, there were many more pedestrian candidates - the list was about 150 pairs, all up. Now - get commenting. I put some easy ones in there to start people off...



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