Wednesday, February 16, 2005



Today at work I undertook a one-day course on leadership, which I found very interesting. To some extent it simply confirmed what I have always believed - that I am primarily an ideas man, although I do have other things to bring to the table.

A lot of the discussion revolved around what we thought made for good leadership, or from another perspective, what makes a good team. A leader's role, it would seem, is to get the most from their team. Ultimately, I suppose it is to deliver a quality product with good efficiency, and the mechanism for this is a well-functioning team.

What, philosophically speaking, is a leader? Are they always the manager of a situation, or always the one in control? In our situation, it was clear that we were looking to improve our leadership abilities in order to be better managers. (Not that I am yet a manager).

How much do people use leadership skills in daily life? Everyone to some extent possesses and uses both managerial, leadership, technical and communicative skills, but to what extent might we see our social skills as exhibiting "leadership"?



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