Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Contribution of Poetry

This just in from one of MP's occasional readers... Tiago has kindly translated it from Spanish for me also, but there are some cultural quirks still remaining. Personally, I think they add to the athmosphere!

Talking with the Vampire

The time is gone.
But What's TIME?
- Oh! The time it's that error God. A lapse in the Creator's mind.
-The phisicals do not knew what was the time, but you ever know
everything Mr. Vlad. The time do not exist for you, because you, you never was or be.
- ...
- And the love? It's be?
- Perhaps... But if not to be,
no difference would be. Because I LOVE YOU...
- Ah! what you love is my blood...
- Yes. Blood is Life, and The time is just a little Life...
- ( Sound of a vampire killing a little dame.)

Well. It's a little poem. A bloody poem. In the translation very of ritm get away, but...
Do you want see more? Visit: www.paralelo1.blogspot.com
So long..............


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