Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bleeding heart of philosophy


The "heart of philosophy" is the name of Melbourne's next best hope for a culture of thought and philosophical progress. Michelle Irving heads up this philosophy events organisation, and has the energy to hustle and harry philosophy into the public eye. She has already managed to organise sponsors, a University affiliation, column inches in "The Age" newspaper, and a couple of blog posts here.

If nothing else, this continues to suggest two things which I believe
* The world is interested in being involved with more philosophy
* Existing organisations aren't giving it to them

I would make the bold claim of knowing of more philosophy groups in Melbourne than anyone else - is a hub of local information. This isn't to say it is anything great, but merely a common link. If the Age article demonstrates anything, it is how fractured the Melbourne culture really is. Via several mailing lists, I heard about the published article, and the planned sequence of philosophy events at Murmer, the inner city cafe where these sessions will be held. Through none of these mailing lists have I seen a reference to any other. Before the "heart of philosophy" came along, philosophers in Melbourn were a divided, conquered group.

Michelle Irving is achieving publically what I have been working towards in relative anonymity, and I applaud her for it. Having someone else do the hard yards is tremendously valuable. However, without greater unity between other Melbourne groups, I fear they will be left behind. I plan to be on this boat long before it leaves town...



Blogger Nick said...

MP, what were your impressions of last night? Michelle certainly is full of energy, which is a great talent to possess when trying to keep something like this going.

I was getting a little bored with the Pirsig talk, but afterwards during the break, I thought about it's delivery a little more, and decided it was very clear and well presented for a group, even if I'd heard it all before. Some of the questions were good too... I'm still thinking about one persons question about why western philosophers seem to top themselves. I've wondered that too.

There is an Age article from the 21st if people missed it: Link

2/24/2005 10:14:00 AM  
Blogger MelbournePhilosopher said...

I enjoyed it well enough. I thought the location was good, and the athmosphere relaxed. I thought the presentation wandered around a bit, but it was okay. The speaker spoke clearly and that was good. I will be interested to see how well the next few go. I will be there next time as well, I think...

2/25/2005 11:29:00 AM  

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