Saturday, January 29, 2005

Melbourne Blog Review - res Cogitans


Fellow Unimelb blogger Jake (of recent comments) pointed out his new philosophy-ish blog, which now appears on my blogroll - at least while the content stays good! It takes its name from Descartes' res cogitans, a term remodelled into the 21st century as "the ghost in the machine".

From his most recent entry --
"Much of the most profound and insightful philosophical thought has been produced under gruelling and intense conditions, with great thinkers resolving themselves to reason out extraordinarily complex theories on paper or small groups locking themselves into rigorous adversarial discourse."

That's an interesting claim! It is one I've certainly heard made before in relation to art, and in relation to great achievements in general. Personally, I don't go in for "gruelling philosophy", and prefer to do my best work in conversation. So naturally I warmed quickly to the philososphere's new entrant when he moved away from all this difficult stuff, finishing with

"So the next time you desire or need to talk with someone about a somewhat profound topic, please do so in an appropriate location; that is, a place where food and drink are available, and the décor is at least mildly interesting."

I'll drink to that...



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