Friday, December 10, 2004

Tougher Copyright Laws


Well, we all told them so.

In line with the FTA, the government is attacking our civil liberties, and allowing people to randomly accuse other people of copyright violation, resulting in US-style takedown notices.

One again, the foresighted IT / Software industry has been steamrolled by politicians who think the only impact of IP laws is book publishing and media distribution (read filesharing music we ripped off from the Inernet). How wrong they are.

Fortunately, I will soon stop caring about my civil liberties because mainstream media interests will now be able to brainwash me by controlling what I listen to (read restrict the ability of independant artists to self-publish via the Internet through economic pressures as well as copyright accusations). Come to think of it, that last Guy Sebastian track wasn't so bad after all. Maybe I'll buy a new mobile phone and some hip 3/4 length pants and find myself a polyester girl...



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