Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Jihadist wins immigration appeal


... reads an article from today's Age. Turns out this guy in India was arrested for his involvement with certain Muslim organisation, which may or may not be involved in terrorism. The article doesn't make it explicit whether this is the case.

It seems that the Australian immigration procedures were not properly followed when processing Naff's application prior to his arrest. He is now involved in legal action challenging this - the High Court of Australia are forcing the immigration tribunal to re-assess his claim.

In one sense, it's interesting to consider whether a hypothetical known terrorist should be allowed to apply for emigration rights. In the same sense that a murderer needs to be granted a fair trial, one might consider that a 'known' but untried terrorist be treated as possessing all the rights open to him under the law.

Yet unlike murder, this individual is not a citizen of our country - his behaviour is not governed by our laws, so why should he be protected by them? While we as a country may choose to allow people to become citizens, why might it be said that we owe them any kind of moral obligation. There is clearly no reciprocity here, so surely there is no duty?

I would argue that there are human rights that cross national borders. I would also argue that it is in our best interests to act morally even when others are not doing so, but game theory speaks strongly against this intuition. Often the best strategy when people are trying to take advantage of you is a strict tit-for-tat response. Second to the scenario where everyone co-operates, an optimistic tit-for-tat strategy is always best. Of course, the goal in most games is the same for everybody...

Clearly the most pressing and practical problem is that of defense. Either the risk on the whole of allowing immigration is too high, or it is not. Placing our country at significant risk should be of primary concern over the human rights of an individual, but at the same time a real attempt to engage with the world morally needs to be made if we are to do more than just survive...

There is far more to be said.



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