Thursday, November 18, 2004

Rapid Changes of Mood


I don't think you can call what I experience mood swings. A swing implies a gentle parabolic lowering out of one state, then a rising into another. They may vary from the slow motion of a hammock gently moving in a breeze, or even the kind of extended panic of a pirate ship ride at a fun-park. I seem to be a different kind of beast, moving seamlessly from one mood directly into another as quickly and inexplicably as through scenes in a dream. You know the sort, one minute you're on a bus, then all of a sudden you need to buckle your safety belts for landing, with no transition having really occurred.

I'm sure psychologists have detailed and various accounts of how we undergo mood change, but I've never read them. My own states of mind are as mysterious to me as the vaguaries of weather are to a stockbroker.

Let me list today's moods :

* enthusiasm
* pleasure
* irritable
* rushed
* confused
* companionable
* curious
* exhausted
* relieved
* uncertain
* nostalgic

That's probably not a half of it, as most of them came from what I can remember of my lunch break. The morning has already mostly faded, and my thoughts of yesterday are as blurred as a series of clicks that have become a steady tone.


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