Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Apprentice 7 and 8


I think it was 7 and 8. I might have miscounted.

The first episode really had very little content, but Stacy finally got fired. Cya Stace.

The second episode was a tragedy of leadership from Elizabeth, who thoroughly deserved the firing she got on account of a complete inability to hold a consistent line or control her freewheeling team in any way.

However, we did see Andy taking his first swipe at the project management role, and sticking it to the man - and women. Both Wes and Maria were having a bit of a go at him. Maria especially felt like she was Miss Marketing, and knew all the right answers. Wes was also uppity, but was a more effective team member despite his misgivings.

Having survived the boardroom about 4 times, and winning as project manager, Andy is now a force to be reckoned with. I would hesitate to hand him the final victory, as the road is still long, but he really has now answered every challenge. He is guaranteed another week, which if he can perform even at an average level, will cement his position as a reliable performer, capable of leadership and with the chutzpah to handle himself under criticism. Good for him.

I think the strongest contenders are Andy, Kevin and Wes. I hate to be all male chauvanist and all, but I don't see a lot of strong opposition from the women. Maria hasn't had the opportunity to lead, but a grin that smug usually hides someone inflexible. Ivana isn't bad - I've said this before - but doesn't have charisma, and doesn't always have the vision to succeed. Wes struggles a little on vision too, but is great on implementation. Kevin is pretty awesome, but I don't know if he is practical enough.

Raj has got to go soon. What a loony!



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