Friday, November 12, 2004

The Apprentice 4 and 5


A double episode of The Apprentice - score! Or so I thought - unfortunately they cut out a whole lot of content in order to fit into the 1.5 hour total. A net loss, I would say, although I did enjoy them both. I don't really like the "cut to the chase" attitude of our networks though, I want to see the cut-and-thrust of the competition.

Short summary : Boys win episode one by $10 in a scenario where each team make $17, 000. Pretty close. But there's only one winner, so we lose a girl. Girls win episode two by about three country miles. Project manager gets the chop for not having a clue.

The fast pace of the format really showed a lot less of exactly how people were performing and reacting which I thought was a real shame. I think seeing the boys take their first loss gives some good insights into who will stay on. Now the US is ahead of us. I'm going to make some predictions, and all you fans out there can check up on the US website right now to see if I'm right or not.

1) I reckon the girls will win the next challenge
2) Andy is the leader next time (from the preview) and it looks like he cops a lot of heat. I reckon if he can defend himself, he's cool, but if he forgets how to stand up for himself in the boardroom, he's toast. It's a fine line between being the manager's fault and being the employees fault, and you need to steer that well. I suspect he will get the chop, because everyone so far who's been put under pressure by Trump has been fired. Simplicity and accuracy are the name of this game - be honest to your business principles, and make sure that as manager you do your job by making a call on the tough issues. Delegate, but don't try to say you weren't involved in the decisions.
3) Stacy R, the annoying lawyer, has an infuriating attitude is caused mostly by arrogance, nervousness and an unwillingness to take responsibility, but her instincts are okay. Under her infuriating exterior lurks the potential for better behaviour. Unfortunately. It remains to be seen if she can conquer her "can't-do" attitude.
4) Ivana has the least creative energy of the women, but isn't a failure either. After a few more weaker contenders drop off, she'll be next on the hit list.
5) Kevin is one of the strongest candidates, and if Andy can make it through his trial by fire next week, may go on to do good things. You don't get many second chances in Trump's boardroom though.

Let's see how I do!



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