Thursday, October 14, 2004

Tired Posting


Just a short post, as it's nearing the end of my waking day. A lot of work has been going into MelbournePhilosophy today - looking at usage patterns, trying to get other sites to link to it etc. It's all part of getting it to critical mass. A number of things will happen when it gets there, but the one I'm hoping for is increased interaction between philosophers in Melbourne. There seems to me no good reason why Melbourne can't have the best environment for fostering ideas in the world. Someone once said "Information wants to be Free". I couldn't find any reputable-looking first source for this so I'm not going to reference it, but it certainly appears that people are using that quote freely enough. I would argue that philosophical information wants to be more free than any other kind. The only point to philosophy is human understanding, and the only motivation to produce philosophy is altruism. Granted, one may also wish to get paid for philosophy, but it's hardly a lucrative source of wealth. Generally, one forgoes wealth in order to gain lesser income but greater reward. It's not always true, but you've got to ignore a few broken eggs if you want to make a baker's dozen.

Oh, yes, I have a point. The point is that philosophical information is buried. It's buried behind academic walls erected out of good intentions, defunct websites put in place by the eager beavers of yesterday, archaic languages and translations from Latin, German and no doubt every language on earth. Opinions are many and varied - studied philosophy presented with a grain of salt is hard to find.

I would like to unbury it, and encourage people to engage in a little creative counter-culture by recognising that they will get more from sharing their information than by hiding it.


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